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What is in Suncliff oil?  Are there any additives?

All Suncliff oil comes from our organic flower cultivated with the power of the sun.   Using our lab’s Co2 extraction techniques, we process the flower into refined cannabis oil. We finish the process by adding back natural cannabis terpenes allowing us to hone in on strain specific experiences and perfect our flavor profiles. Suncliff uses NO artificial additives or chemicals such as any glycol based solutions (PEG, PG, PPG), oils, or e-juices.

How long does a Sips Cartridge last?

Depending on your battery and usage patterns, anywhere from 100 – 150 sips.  You’ll know your sips is close to ending when the oil drops below the metal base of the wick.

Will the cartridges work with my battery?

Our cartridges are 1.5 - 2.4 Ohms (Ω) use a standard 510 threading compatible with 95% of vaporizer batteries.  For best practices, we recommend batteries producing under 4.2 volts. Most stores will have blank cartridges to test cartridge compatibility if you bring in your own battery. 

Can I refill the cartridges?

At this time, our cartridges are single use products.  In the future, we hope to add refillable options for your convenience.

Is there a proper way to store the cartridges?

Yes! Keep the cartridges upright to prevent clogging issues.  Always store them near room temperature (45° - 85°). Avoid temperature extremes (IE. a hot car or outdoor storage) as this can damage the cartridge leading to malfunction.   Changes in pressure, especially from elevation, can easily compromise the functionality of the cartridge.

My cartridge isn’t working! What do I do?

Though our products are made to high quality standards, occasionally there’s a bad apple.  In these cases, the first step is determining whether it’s the battery or the cartridge.

If possible, test your battery with a different cartridge or the dysfunctional cartridge on another battery. Once you’ve confirmed it’s the cartridge, try lightly warming it to get the oil running.  This can be done by rolling it in your hands, putting it in front of a car vent, or briefly near a heater.  Do NOT attempt this using a microwave or a lighter. If bubbles float to the top, you know it’s flowing adequately.  If after a few sips you still get nothing, it’s likely the cartridge is dysfunctional. 

Washington state law allows for the return of cannabis cartridges because they contain electrical components.  However, you MUST have the original packaging with lot, batch, or inventory ID number to be eligible for a return.  Though not a guarantee, most retailers will exchange your cartridge if you bring the aforementioned materials to the original point of purchase. It's best to contact them ahead of time to double check.



What’s the difference between Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids?

This terminology first appeared more 250 years ago to differentiate between Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. They refer to key differences between the two species including geographic origin, morphology, and effect. 

In general, Sativas are associated more with a cerebral “head high” and energetic feelings while Indicas evoke a more sedated and relaxed full body effect. However, after the resurgence of cannabis in modern culture, the two species have been cross-bred extensively to create Hybrids. 

With this hybridization, the modern Sativa or Indica is more appropriately a hybrid leaning heavily in either direction.  True pure-bred Indicas or Sativas known as “landrace” strains, are few and far between.  There is even some research to suggest that terpenes, especially Mrycene, rather than genetics, are a better indicator of whether a strain possesses Indica or Sativa like qualities.

For more information check out these informative articles by Leafly and Alternet


What’s a cannabinoid?

Cannabinoids are a diverse class of chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant which interact with cannabinoid receptors in the brain and manipulate the release of neurotransmitters.  Of the 85+ cannabinoids, there are a few most responsible for the common effects we associate with cannabis. 

Most famous of the cannabinoids is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound responsible for psychoactive effects as well as appetite stimulation and some pain relief.

The other major player is cannabidiol (CBD), the compound attributed with significant pain reduction and improvements to mood which, contrary to THC, has an antipsychotic effect.

More information on these and other cannabinoids can be found in a great article by Leaf Science.



What’s a terpene?

Terpenes are natural plant compounds responsible for the fragrant oils and unique cannabis flavors such as floral, citrus, cedar, and berry.  The effects vary between terpenes; some prove useful in alleviating stress, while others can promote drowsiness.

There are more than 100 different terpenes detectable in cannabis, however only a handful seem to dictate any perceptible changes. It is ultimately the concentration and proportion of the terpenes to one another that dictate the overall effect.  The most prominent terpenes are the following:


For extensive information on the effects of individual terpenes, see the following article from AlchimiaWeb.



Where is Suncliff located?

Suncliff is proud to be based in Seattle, WA.

Where can I buy Suncliff ?

View our Find Us section for up to date information on retailers carrying our products.

How do I become a Suncliff vendor?

If you’re interested in carrying Suncliff products in your licensed 502 store, please contact AustinK@Suncliff.com.  Please include your name, desired samples, and best way to get in touch.  

Is Suncliff hiring?

We’re always looking for driven and talented individuals to join our team.  If you think you’ve got the experience and skillset, send your resume to hiring@suncliff.com